Need Rural Orthodontists To Pledge Money For Genocide

Our Need

We are looking for a only the top modesto orthodontists in modesto california who can sponsor and pledge money to help the Genocide in Boer. This would be a one time contribution that will help our organization get through the rest of 2014 and into year 2015.

How To Pledge

If you are an orthodontist from the areas mentioned above and are interested in pledging money please contact us one of two ways:

1) We have staff available at PLEDGE@STOPBOERGENOCIDE.COM who can take your email and be in contact

2) You can contact us via our social media accounts – Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook/ etc.

3) You can give us a call at the number on our Contact page and leave a message.

Our Pledge Goal

Our pledge goal for the rest of 2014 into early 2015 is $50,000. Keep in mind that while this is our goal, we are grateful for whatever you are interested in donating and pledging.

Ideal Sponsors

We recommend all sponsors be a part of the AAO ( (American Association of Orthodontists)

We Thank You

We want to send the most heartfelt THANK YOU from our staff for considering any and all donations to us.


Stop Boer Staff